Datacentre availability detection

Uptime technology to keep services online during major outages

Protect against datacentre failure

Everything fails, including the power and connectivity of an entire datacentre, or data floor.

Even if you have invested in a cluster or virtual platform, it is still in one geographic location. The Evolving Networks INF technology enables you to span multiple geographic locations, automatically detect when your cluster is not responding, and vector traffic to keep it online with no manual intervention.

Sub-second vectoring decisions

Reroute Layer 3 subnets, or vector Layer 2 networks to different locations dependant on availability. 

Multiple EVX appliances or VNFs can be configured to intelligently manage the availability of your services across your datacentre infrastructure without needing manual intervention.


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Meet the EVX Family

Our latest generation hardware has been designed from the ground up with data connectivity in mind. These gateways are engineered with high-spec processors and chipsets focused on the rapid, reliable transmission of large amounts of data.


Virtual Topography™

Take the hassle out of managing infrastructure across your datacentres, and create a dynamic, fault tolerant network.

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Resilient private cloud

If you or your client has a custom private cloud stack, with dedicated firewalls, data stores and a virtualised cluster of servers, you need to prepare for its total failure.

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High availability

When we say resilient, we mean it. Evolving Networks embrace the concept of over-engineering in everything that we do.

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Virtual datacentre fabric

Our Intelligent Network Fabric (INF) creates Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks between datacentres, supporting VLANs and VRFs so you can design your own virtual networks, all built without MPLS.

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