Network virtualisation

Instantly create and change virtual network topologies

A dynamic software overlay

MPLS topologies are fixed and based on the physical network. The Evolving Networks INF network software overlay allows you to define your network any way you want.

Like a VLAN is a virtual LAN network, so your Evolving Networks SD-WAN becomes your virtual Wide Area Network. Independent of the circuits plugged into it, any network topology can be created on top of the virtual fabric. This is virtualisation for the connectivity industry, and it allows you to control the network without changing the circuits, and change or add circuits without changing the topology.

Your WAN is where you want it

The term WAN doesn’t really cut it any more. Your users just want to get to their apps, no matter where they are.

With the Intelligent Network Fabric, your destinations can be anywhere – datacentre, cloud, internet, other sites. One software overlay is enough to encompass them all, all of the time, so that you don’t have to tear up the network and start again if you move your data or your applications.

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Key features

Network virtualisation

WAN Icon

Virtual WAN

How would you like your WAN today?

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Network topology not tied to circuits

Decouple your network from the physical circuits

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Layer 2

LAN extensions for office moves or remote workers

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Layer 3

Add/remove WAN sites seamlessly

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Stretch VLANs

Create VLANs that can span multiple datacentres and sites

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Hybrid WAN

Support flexible networking topologies

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Dedicated cloud connections

Prioritised cloud access, native to the SD-WAN

Virtual Topography™

Connecting locations across Europe, Evolving Networks created a new virtualised SD-WAN for Bulk Powders. Find out more in the case study below.


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Bulk Powders

Bulk Powder’s VPN was responsible for a constant stream of unpredictable service outages, slow file transfers, lagging applications, and VoIP call jitter and drop-outs.

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Ending the VPN Nightmare

For many organisations, VPNs have become the go-to tool for secure wide area connectivity, despite the fact that they are far from popular with those that use and manage them.

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Hybrid WAN

Extend your SD-WAN over your existing MPLS network, either permanently or to effect an easy transition to an SDN world.

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