256bit AES encryption

The latest security protecting every packet of data

Security is the foundation of our Intelligent Network Fabric

The very fabric that we use to orchestrate and connect your network has encryption at its heart.

Every packet of data is encrypted at your LAN’s edge before being sent over any constituent link or datacentre peer.  No matter the underlying circuit, whether its private or internet, every piece of data you send and receive is encrypted for its journey across our Software Defined Network.

Private is not the same as encrypted

You may already have a private network, but that doesn’t mean your data is encrypted on its journey.

In today’s world of cyber attacks and data theft, it’s important to protect your network traffic. Our INF technology not only encapsulates every packet, but encrypts it as well using the latest cryptographic standards.

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What Bulk Powders have to say about our products & services


“We asked Evolving Networks to put QoS on our old VPN, but thanks to their willingness to really understand where we were and where we’re headed – both technically and commercially – they’ve done so much more for us. They’ve made a huge difference for Bulk Powders, and we’re looking forward to having them alongside as we drive further international expansion."

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Bring your own security

Outsource your SD-WAN whilst keeping security and threat management in house.

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Local internet breakout

As internet and cloud based systems gained in popularity, the need for local internet breakout has become more popular again.

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Network virtualisation

MPLS topologies are fixed and based on the physical network. The Evolving Networks INF network software overlay allows you to define your network any way you want.

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