VPN replacement

Eliminate cumbersome, unreliable, legacy VPNs with SD-WAN

SD-WAN is VPN on steroids

VPNs were a good idea for linking sites together. But they were never done properly, and they were a pain to administer.

SD-WAN technology offers a quantum leap in encrypted tunnelling, routing and vectoring. Multi-circuit, zero configuration, 100% reliability. SD-WAN has none of the associated stresses and hassles of setting up and managing site to site VPNs.

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Key features

VPN replacement

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Remove a significant pain point

Hassle free administration

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Zero configuration

Out of the box functionality

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No more rebooting of routers

An “it just works” solution

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Remove a significant pain point

Prioritise apps between sites, DCs and cloud providers

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256bit AES encryption

Strong security as standard

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Any topology you like

Network virtualisation delivering operational flexibility

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No more throughput issues

Expand beyond single circuits for greater bandwidth


Bleach of Lavant

To address the core need at the Arundel office for enhanced bandwidth, resilience and traffic management, Evolving Networks delivered a multipath connection running over three ADSL lines, by taking ownership of one existing circuit and delivering two new ADSL services.


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QoS – app prioritisation

Our Zero-Touch QoS engine prioritises and de-prioritises data at the packet level, both upstream and downstream, without you having to reconfigure any hardware or present tagged packets.

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256bit encryption

Security is the foundation of our Intelligent Network Fabric. The very fabric that we use to orchestrate and connect your network has encryption at its heart.

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Ending the VPN nightmare

Fiddly to configure, complex to adapt or scale, and prone to faults which often prove difficult to track down and fix, your VPN is almost certainly costing you much more than you think.


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