Bandwidth aggregation

Industrial strength internet connectivity through the power of intelligent software

Increase bandwidth, save on upgrade costs

Increasing bandwidth doesn’t have to mean a complete change of circuit.

It is possible to increase capacity by a magnitude, doubling, tripling, quadrupling or more existing capacity, without the need for uncontrollable IP changes. Normally, upgrading from FTTC to a 100mbps leased line, or 1Gbps leased line to 10Gbps is disruptive and expensive.

Instead of an upgrade that might be overkill, increase existing bandwidth incrementally, rather than a finger in the air replacement. Link aggregation technology means scalable capacity increases, and with any circuit type. FTTC and FTTP? No problem. Leased Line, FTTP and 4G? Multiple Leased Lines? Any combination can work.


Increase resilience, maximise uptime

Every internet connection can break, no matter the technology, and organisations are particularly at risk if there is only a single circuit in place.

The only way to protect against failure is to have more than one circuit. Aggregating multiple circuits together mitigates the risk of a line failure leading to total outage, keeping users online and working. The more circuits in play, the greater the uptime. Add different types of circuit and increase the resilience, and size of Service Level Guarantee pay-outs as you do.


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Key features

Bandwidth aggregation

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Multiply upload AND download

Aggregated throughput to deliver maximum bandwidth

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Aggregate different technologies

Multiple tail technologies minimise risk of downtime

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Uptime guarantees

Paradigm breaking SLAs – linked to resiliency

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Native Quality of Service

Bi-directional QoS delivered with every connection

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Carrier independent

Operate above any single ISP to avoid core platform issues

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eView Live

Constant telemetry fed into customer analytics portal

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Seamless upgrade pathways

Upgrade to Gbps+ speeds with no downtime and no change of IP

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What is link aggregation

Aggregating takes traditional network circuits, whether leased lines or broadband or wireless and brings them together as a single virtual connection.

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Arthur David

Evolving Networks provided an Ultimate Ethernet service for each site, running over two leased lines, supplied by two different providers.

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Link aggregation vs dynamic path selection

Why send different data streams through different links?


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