QoS – app prioritisation 

Native, zero-touch, bi-directional Quality of Service

App prioritisation 

Capacity and uptime have long been the USPs of choice for the ISP industry, but a notional capacity figure does little to help your users if they can’t make phone calls due to contention, congestion or high latency.

Similarly, if every time you send a tender response, or download those crucial CAD drawings, the video conference system degrades, you need to apply more intelligence to your internet connection.

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Key features

QoS – app prioritisation 

Bi-directional Icon


Intelligence applied to both upload and download traffic

Packets Icon

Native, no need to present tagged packets

The INF software identifies and orders packets 

Phone & Video Icon

Truly vendor agnostic

Works with every IP phone and video conferencing system

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De-prioritise low priority traffic

Upload offsite backups 24 hours a day

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You can’t throw bandwidth at the problem

File size and network traffic mean intelligence is always needed

Prioritise your apps

Zero-touch bi-directional QoS

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VoIP and VDI ready

Multi-ISP Icon

Sessions can use all available bandwidth, not just a single link

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No rudimentary throttling – true prioritisation of every packet

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No need to present tagged packets

Templated QoS classification
& queuing

Standard, out of the box QoS profiles

QoS packet filters

Or work with us to build your own profiles

Any combination of packet characteristics or existing tags

Quality of Service data sheet

Whatever circuits you buy, you need to ensure a high quality user experience. That’s what users care about. That their cloud apps just work. They demand uninterrupted, crystal clear VoIP calls, and lag free RDP.

So, whether it’s for a leased line or for a multi-line SD-WAN connection, you need Zero-Touch QoS.

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