Our mission & values

Resilient, multi-link internet connectivity. The ultimate catalyst for business transformation.

Our mission

To enable successful digital transformation by changing the way organisations procure and manage network connectivity, through innovative software and a sophisticated service delivery model.

We want to transform the connectivity industry by leveraging network hypervisor technology to enable organisations to create dynamic, customised networks, tuned to their unique needs. We believe that traditional procurement practices are outdated, and limit the ability to adapt to the flexible business of the future. By using innovative software and an internet-first mindset, we are committed to evolving the network procurement process and providing managed, resilient, network experiences for our customers.

Our values

Flexible  |  Reliable  |  Unique 
Resilient  |  Secure  |  Innovative

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  • Transparent and accountable
  • Determined to build long term, positive relationships with customers, employees and suppliers
  • Proactive, adaptable and strategic
  • Innovative and disruptive
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  • High standards
  • Enjoy what we do
  • Continuously develop and train
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  • Take responsibility
  • Solve problems
  • Get it done
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  • Over engineer
  • Keep customers online

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Our story

We write software that makes connectivity better and we deliver it as a service to businesses in need of great internet and WAN solutions.

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Ultimate Internet

Ultimate Internet is an intelligent, carrier independent internet connection that prioritises and enhances every packet of data you send. 100% uptime, multi-gbps speeds and full cloud integration.

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Network as a Service

Combining our unique SD-WAN software with a fully diverse carrier underlay and bespoke monitoring infrastructure, our Network as a Service product solves multiple problems for enterprise customers.

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