Circuit failures undetectable to users

No loss of session, and seamless to VoIP and video, our circuit health detection software polls every available link continuously, detecting failures in customisable time periods from just a few milliseconds.

Multiple links are useless if you can’t react seamlessly to circuit events and know that all available links are healthy and ready to pass data.

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Key features

Link availability detection

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Continuous telemetry

A constant stream of low level data feeding our monitoring platform

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Use all good bandwidth all the time

Don’t waste the bandwidth on secondary or under-utilised circuits

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Sub second reaction times

Reaction to network events in the blink of an eye

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Know the state of every link

Act on faults immediately to prevent service issues

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Customisable thresholds and sensitivity

Change sensitivity based on circuit type and usage charges (e.g. 4G and 5G)

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So much more than orchestration

We haven’t just written an orchestrator, we’ve developed an entire ecosystem of platforms and systems that all work together.

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Telemetry & monitoring

Get detailed network insights and make informed decisions based on live data and real time traffic patterns.

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Bandwidth aggregation

Instead of an upgrade that might be overkill, increase existing bandwidth incrementally. Link aggregation technology means scalable capacity increases, and with any circuit type.

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