Ultimate Internet

The best in enhanced internet connectivity

Ultimate Internet is bullet proof software defined internet connectivity for businesses

The ultimate in multi-link, always on internet connectivity, prioritised for your business-critical apps. Using any combination of circuits – ADSL, FTTC, FTTP, 4G, 5G and Ethernet leased lines – create a high bandwidth, high uptime connection that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ultimate Internet is an intelligent, carrier independent internet connection that prioritises and enhances every packet of data you send.

No wasted failover bandwidth, and no interruption during a circuit failure.


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Key features

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No loss of IP address

Persistent IP in the event of link failure

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No loss of sessions

No data interruption. Redefining failover

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Seamless link failure

Aggregation of traffic to ensure no downtime or “failover”

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Multipath packet vectoring

Vector around problems with zero business impact

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Geographic datacentre resilience

Diverse core routing infrastructure

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Uninterrupted VoIP and video

No dropped calls in the event of a leased line failure

Aggregated bandwidth

Get the maximum available bandwidth, not just the capacity of a single link, with an IP range that is not tied to the circuits. No dynamic path selection – full throttle bandwidth for any session that wants it.

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Multiply upload AND download

Aggregated throughput to deliver maximum bandwidth

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Seamless upgrade pathways

Upgrade to Gbps+ speeds with no downtime and no change of IP

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Aggregate different technologies

Multiple tail technologies minimise risk of downtime

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Use all good bandwidth all the time

Don’t waste the bandwidth on secondary or under-utilised circuits

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Carrier independent

Operate above any single ISP to avoid core platform issues

Eliminate downtime

Circuit failures are mitigated instantly, with no interruption to users and no breaking of QoS. Our Multipath Packet Vector Engine detects split second changes in link health, diverting and vectoring traffic away from problems, while maintaining full aggregation of available bandwidth.

High Availability appliances are also available to eliminate all single points of failure.

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Know the state of every link

Act on faults immediately to prevent service issues

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Continuous telemetry

A constant stream of low level data feeding our monitoring platform

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Sub second reaction times

React to network events in the blink of an eye

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Customisable thresholds and sensitivity

Change sensitivity based on circuit type and usage charges (e.g. 4G and 5G)

Prioritise your apps

Every packet is prioritised, so that VoIP, VDI and your business-critical systems get the Quality of Service they need, and users get the quality of experience they deserve.

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Intelligence applied to both upload and download traffic

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Native, no need to present tagged packets

The INF software identifies and orders packets

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Truly vendor agnostic

Works with every IP phone and video conferencing system

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You can’t “just” throw bandwidth at the problem

File size and network traffic mean intelligence is always needed

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De-prioritise low priority traffic

Upload off-site backups 24 hours a day

End your reliance on a single ISP

Different circuits from different, independent network carriers means never needing to rely on the least worst ISP. Elevate your connection above the telco, and we’ll manage the entire supply chain for you.

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No single ISP of failure

The majority of outages happen inside ISP’s networks

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Transparent migrations

Migrate broadband between providers with zero downtime

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Carrier independence

No tie in with any ISP –avoid periods of instability and poor quality

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Supplier management

Outsource the choice and maintenance of ISP relationships

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No change of IP

Change the circuits, but not your public IP range

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No wasted bandwidth

Link aggregation means no spare circuits laying unused

Ultimate Internet document

We’re so confident in our technology that we’ll give you 5x your money back for any downtime experienced, with our industry beating 100% uptime SLA.

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