Dynamic routing & vectoring

Enhance your network with adaptive routing protocols and packet vectoring

Delivering fault tolerance and high availability for your network

Transparently transport Layer 2 and Layer 3 network packets and deliver your site-to-site VLANs, while also routing public internet and private cloud traffic.

Integrate with your datacentre provider using standard network routing protocols like BGP, to ensure datacentre high availability and fault tolerance on hardware clusters.

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Multipath packet vectoring

This is so much more than routing, as it allows non-layer 3 traffic, such as stretched VLANs and Layer 2 networks as well as Layer 3 routed IPs, to traverse multiple network paths, with millisecond decision making on appropriate pathways. Packet vectoring, no matter the network topology, ensures seamless, transparent, aggregated, prioritised, enhanced and augmented traffic flow.


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Datacentre availability detection

Span multiple geographic locations, automatically detect when your cluster is not responding, and vector traffic to keep it online with no manual intervention.

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High Availability

When we say resilient, we mean it. Evolving Networks embrace the concept of over-engineering in everything that we do.

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Virtual datacentre fabric

Our Intelligent Network Fabric (INF) creates Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks between datacentres, supporting VLANs and VRFs so you can design your own virtual networks, all built without MPLS.

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