Layer 2 SD-WAN

Build custom topologies in your control, not limited by Layer 3

Extend your LAN across your WAN

Whether a single subnet, or multiple VLANs, our INF network software overlay combined with our MultiPath Packet Vectoring engine extends them over your WAN connection to one or more other branch office sites, or even a datacentre or cloud platform.

Not just Layer 3 – topology agnostic networking

Our SD-WAN technology starts with the packet, not the network, so whatever its destination, we can vector them securely and resiliently to where they need to be, starting at Layer 2. Maybe you just want to do an office move and keep the same LAN subnet, or maybe you want to create multiple stretched VLANs terminating on a central firewall in your control – all is possible with our Layer 2 SD-WAN technology.

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Key features

Layer 2 SD-WAN

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Hybrid combinations

Mix Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks on a single port

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Stretch VLANs

Single subnets spanning multiple sites and datacentres

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Create public and private subnets

Separate back office and public internet networks

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Ease office moves

Zero IP configuration changes

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Create custom topologies

Your business has its own specific requirements

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Change topologies without changing circuits

The power of a software network overlay

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Bulk Powders

Bulk Powder’s VPN was responsible for a constant stream of unpredictable service outages, slow file transfers, lagging applications, and VoIP call jitter and drop-outs.

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University College School

With over a thousand pupils making extensive use of web technology in their studies and leisure time, effective control over web access was a key priority.

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Network virtualisation

MPLS topologies are fixed and based on the physical network. The Evolving Networks INF network software overlay allows you to define your network any way you want.

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