SD-WAN as a Service, developed in and for the UK

Powerful network software

The only SD-WAN software developed in the UK and delivered as a managed service by the team with the best track record in the industry.

Our SD-WAN as a Service offering is the result of over a decade of development culminating in a flexible networking product that can deliver any network topology, for any number of sites, reaching any combination of datacentre, cloud, internet and branch locations.


Evolving Networks ecosystem

Our unique Intelligent Network Fabric software manages your data over our software defined network, in any way that your business needs it to.

Not just an orchestrator, our series of platforms and software services break the mould by focusing on the full spectrum of needs that businesses have with their networks – from modem lifecycle management to telemetry & monitoring, automatic carrier switching to datacentre rebalancing technology.

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Key features


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Outsourced carrier management

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Any combination of Layer 2 and 3

Create custom virtual network topologies to match your business needs

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Full bi-directional QoS

Zero-touch packet prioritisation for your apps

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Link health monitoring

Constant monitoring of network underlay circuits

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Bandwidth aggregation

No wasted bandwidth and no primitive policy based routing

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Multipath packet vectoring

Seamless sub-second reaction times to network events

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Telemetry & monitoring

Visualise your traffic flows and have confidence in your network usability


Bulk Powders

Bulk Powder’s VPN was responsible for a constant stream of unpredictable service outages, slow file transfers, lagging applications, and VoIP call jitter and drop-outs.


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SD-WAN as a service

We operate as the ISP and above the ISP. This level of abstraction is a complete change in the network management paradigm.

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Care Protect

Dependable, high quality, high speed upload and download links are vital to support the real time audio and video streaming used by Care Protect to deliver its core healthcare monitoring services.

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Why your SD-WAN will fail 

SD-WAN software designed for the North American broadband network cannot cope with the UK’s infrastructure. However, with the right software, SD-WAN can run successfully here.


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