Bring your own security

Outsource your SD-WAN whilst keeping security and threat management in house

The ultimate in flexibility of security

Branch office firewalls, centralised NGFW or full SASE – it doesn’t matter the topology or the combination, Evolving Networks WAN technology is flexible.

Many businesses want to augment connectivity only. Perhaps you have already invested in the hardware, staff and training to keep security in house, or you don’t want that managed service contract for the firewall to hold things back. Whatever the reasons, you can simply use our SD-WAN technology to deliver the benefits of resilience, intelligence & agility to your WAN, and bring your own security.

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Meet the EVX Family

Our latest generation hardware has been designed from the ground up with data connectivity in mind. These gateways are engineered with high-spec processors and chipsets focused on the rapid, reliable transmission of large amounts of data.


Virtual Topography™

Take the hassle out of managing infrastructure across your datacentres, and create a dynamic, fault tolerant network.

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Fully managed NGFW

Take a fully managed hosted firewall cluster, or individual appliances for each branch office, all maintained and supported by Evolving Networks.

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Central internet breakout

Central internet breakout can be an easy reality, whatever the underlying tail circuit technologies employed at the branch.

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Local internet breakout

As internet and cloud based systems gained in popularity, the need for local internet break out has become more popular again.


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