Telemetry & monitoring

Get detailed network insights and make informed decisions based on live data and real time traffic patterns

Built-in monitoring portal

With most SD-WAN technology, you need a separate platform to monitor it externally and internally.

Our ecosystem is built on a foundation of constant telemetry gathering and real time monitoring. Customers have access to a comprehensive portal showing circuit health, live traffic flow and historical usage graphs.

Don’t guess what’s happening – know what’s happening

Why make purchasing decisions based on a finger in the air? Why adopt a particular network topology if you don’t know the bandwidth inputs?

Using real data from your network will give you the confidence to plan and scale your network correctly and adopt changes in topology without being worried about unknown outcomes. This isn’t modelling – this is real data. Your data.

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Mind the Gap

The entire market is focused on speed and price, not quality – but it’s critically important. That’s because, between the edge of the provider’s network and your premises, there’s a networking No Man’s Land where faults, congestion, poor line quality and a host of other issues can arise, hidden, eating away at your bandwidth and reducing the quality of your connections.


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QoS – app prioritisation

Our Zero-Touch QoS engine prioritises and de-prioritises data at the packet level, both upstream and downstream, without you having to reconfigure any hardware or present tagged packets.

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Link health monitoring

Benchmark each circuit and keep track of changes to ensure faults are dealt with promptly.

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Bandwidth aggregation

Instead of an upgrade that might be overkill, increase existing bandwidth incrementally. Link aggregation technology means scalable capacity increases, and with any circuit type.

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