Protect apps and enhance user experience

Per-packet prioritisation and uptime enhancing technologies

User experience is king

We built our software to do one thing above all else – to make your end user experience of networks better.

By breaking data streams down and managing them at the packet level, we bring a whole raft of quality-enhancing features to bear on our connectivity. Our INF software prioritises each packet, depending on how time sensitive it is, dramatically reducing loss and jitter.


Increase bandwidth, reduce downtime

Our software technologies keep users online for longer and give them the bandwidth they need to make best use of their business systems.

The unique Evolving Networks bandwidth aggregation algorithms aggregate all available bandwidth from multiple connections, making everything available for end users. And with millisecond link availability detection mechanisms, your user sessions carry on relentlessly, even through normally disruptive network events.

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Key features

Protect apps and enhance user experience

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Maximise uptime

Always online, never lose access to your apps

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Give more bandwidth to users

Aggregated connectivity for maximum throughput

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Zero-touch bi-directional QoS

Critical apps prioritised, even in the cloud

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Protect cloud apps

Prioritized, private access to your cloud apps

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Invisible link failure

Plan for failure, so it goes unnoticed when it happens

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Improve quality of experience

Give your users a WAN tailored for their needs


Care Protect

Dependable, high quality, high speed upload and download links are vital to support the real time audio and video streaming used by Care Protect to deliver its core healthcare monitoring services.


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Link aggregation 

Bandwidth availability and resilience is maximised. No wastedbandwidth and no stuttering VoIP calls, or lag-ridden Remote Desktops.

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Link availability detection

Our circuit health detection software polls every available link continuously, detecting failures in customisable time periods from just a few milliseconds.

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QoS – app prioritisation

Our Zero-Touch QoS engine prioritises and de-prioritises data at the packet level, both upstream and downstream, without you having to reconfigure any hardware or present tagged packets.


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