Always-on internet connections

The ultimate in multiple Gbps connectivity with high uptime resilience with no single points of failure

Enterprises need bullet-proof connectivity

Internet and network outages are infuriating and damaging to your business – so why settle for downtime?

Our INF software includes the best failure detection and split-second vectoring mechanisms on the market. Combined with an innovate Leaf and Spine network infrastructure spanning multiple ISPs, and a hardware platform built for clustering, this is the ecosystem you need to design always-on networks for the most demanding enterprises.


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Key features

Always-on internet connections

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No loss of IP address

Persistent IP in the event of link failure

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No loss of sessions

No data interruption. Redefining failover

Traffic Icon

Seamless link failure

Aggregation of traffic to ensure no downtime or “failover”

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Multipath packet vectoring

Vector around problems with zero business impact

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Geographic datacentre resilience

Diverse core routing infrastructure

VOIP/Video Icon

Uninterrupted VoIP and video

No dropped calls, event in the event of a leased line failure


London Luton Airport

LLA approached Evolving Networks seeking enhanced bandwidth and true resilience, which its existing 100mbps leased lines, configured as an active/passive failover pair, could not provide.


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Link availability detection 

Our circuit health detection software polls every available link continuously, detecting failures in customisable time periods from just a few milliseconds.

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High Availability

When we say resilient, we mean it. Evolving Networks embrace the concept of over-engineering in everything that we do.

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Meet the EVX Family

Our latest generation hardware has been designed from the ground up with data connectivity in mind. These gateways are engineered with high-spec processors and chipsets focused on the rapid, reliable transmission of large amounts of data.


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